My First Daimler; a1950 Barker Special Sports

The photographs and text relate to Daimler & Lanchester cars I have owned and driven over the last twenty odd years. The technical specification of these motor cars survive in magazine and text book archives, I hope to portray an idea of what each individual model is like to own and use on today’s roads.

Over twenty five year’s ago, following a lifelong interest in old motor cars I was lucky enough to become the owner of a derelict Daimler Barker Special Sports. My attraction to this car was based purely on looks, the Special Sports is a handsome car by anyone’s standards. Once the restoration started I became fascinated with the Daimler’s quality of build and excellent engineering. The very first drive in the Daimler added a whole new dimension to my motoring world, the pre-selector gearbox and fluid flywheel. I realised that I had been missing out on an almost forgotten driving experience. Any serious motoring enthusiast should sample the Wilson ‘self changing’ gearbox with Daimler’s fluid flywheel, it is a fascinating system that is simple to operate, yet gives the experienced driver much pleasure in mastering the techniques required to give his passengers a ride that is truly ‘as smooth as flight’.

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Kevin Bennett.    Editor the Daimler & Lanchester Owners’ Club.